Workers Compensation Insights

  Workers’ Compensation Claims for Leased or Temporary Workers Many companies are increasingly turning to staffing agencies to meet their personnel needs for a variety of reasons, including increased workloads and high employee turnover rates. Companies that use staffing agencies can save money because they avoid selecting, hiring and training new full-time employees. In addition, […]

What is pay as you go workers compensation?

What does it do? Allows you to pay premiums in real time, based on actual payroll, for improved accuracy. This means you’re less likely to pay more than you need to throughout the year – or have an audit adjustment at the end of your policy term due to under-reported payroll. Insurance Plus and Accounting Plus […]

Seven Insurance Policies for Small Businesses

With so many different types of insurance to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine what type is best for your small business. Insurance Plus LLC is here to help. We found seven of the best insurance policies for small businesses.  Commercial Property Insurance In the case of a catastrophic event such as a […]

10 Threats to Small Busiensses

  It’s important to know the potential risks your business could face. So we have put together the top 10 threats facing small businesses. 1.) Protecting your Property Property holdings are often a small business owner’s largest asset. Therefore, for the long-term security of your small business, it is vital that you evaluate potential threats […]

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

One of the most important things about owning your own business is protecting your employees. If you have workers compensation coverage, workers compensation varies by state, but it covers lost wages and medical treatment resulting from a work-related injury or illness. Accidents do happen and it is important to be protected. Here are some frequently […]

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