Does your Business have the Right Types of Insurance Coverage?

risk management insurance Columbia, MO

As a businessperson you are exposed to certain risks that can be managed with the right insurance portfolio.  If you own a business or are part of a management team you need to make sure you consider these types of insurance.

  1. Premises Liability
  2. Corporate Auto Policy
  3. Business Interruption Coverage
  4. Umbrella Liability
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Product Liability Insurance
  7. Key Person Insurance
  8. Disaster Coverage
  9. Errors and Omissions Insurance
  10. Business Overhead Protection
  11. Cyber-security Insurance
  12. Property and Equipment Insurance
  13. Workers Compensation Insurance
  14. Home-Based Business Insurance

Insurance Plus can help you build your insurance coverage to best suit your business. Call today for more information!

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