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Most common needs for families:

Income Replacement

The most common need for life insurance is income replacement. Despite how much an individual earns, many families are highly leveraged and require all or most of those funds to maintain their current standard of living. When a family is dependent on one or both spouses’ income(s), it is critical to ensure life insurance coverage is in place to potentially replace the required income stream.

LTC Protection

Government statistics suggest that 70% of those over age 65 will have a need for long term care.  With nursing homes and assisted living communities experiencing massive staffing shortages, the importance of having a plan has never been more important.  A long-term care insurance policy can protect your investment portfolio and ease the burden on your loved ones.

Estate Liquidity (Net worth in excess of $13.61MM in 2024)

For affluent families, the federal estate tax can create a major obstacle in transferring wealth.  Life insurance owned inside of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust can provide liquidity for the estate to avoid selling assets at an unintended time or that are intended to be kept in the family.

Performance Evaluation of Existing, Permanent Policies

Permanent life insurance policies are different from nearly any other type of insurance.  Even with the timely payment of premium, policies can underperform due to over exuberant hypothetical assumptions at the policy’s inception.  Permanent life insurance is a financial product that requires periodic care.  If you have never reviewed your permanent policy, it’s time to do so.  A proper review can potentially save you money or improve your policy.

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Most common needs for Businesses:

Key Person

The most valuable assets of any company are not the buildings, land or equipment – it’s the people!  Nearly every privately held business has a select few people who are critical to the ongoing success of the company.  It’s imperative the company maintain protection on those individuals to be able to hire, recruit and train a replacement in their absence (and still make payroll).

Buy/Sell Funding

A Buy/Sell Agreement identifies a buyer for a business in the event of an owner’s death.  The agreement guarantees a market for the future sale for business and that the business passes on to the remaining owners.  The agreement also establishes a fair market value for the business and (when funded) provides liquidity for the business to buy the deceased owner’s shares.  Life insurance to fund the agreement is typically less costly than borrowing funds or using the company’s working capital and allows for the leveraging of premium dollars.

Executive Benefits

Qualified plan limitations can prevent employers from providing adequate retirement benefits for their key employees.  As a result, employers commonly look to alternative methods to reward their most productive and valued key executives.  Alternatives to traditional compensation strategies can provide flexible options for employers.

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