9 Questions Business Owners Should Ask Themselves About Insurance

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Let’s Consider the Business Insurance that is Right for You

  1. If you have employees are you meeting requirements for Workers Compensation.
  2. Is your business is a limited liability corporation? You should consider general liability coverage.
  3. It is possible to be over insured. Make sure you policy amounts make sense for your business.
  4. If you run a business from your home, equipment and inventory will not be covered under your homeowners insurance.
  5. Has your policy kept pace with changes in your business.
  6. What will happen to your business if you have an unintended interruption.
  7. Are there key employees that your business would suffer without?  You may want to consider key person coverage.
  8. Does your company offer health insurance to it’s employees?
  9. Do you sell products or service that require product liability insurance?

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